#NairaBETTips: You Should Compare Odds Before Betting

Betting tips – odds comparison

Ever heard of the term “comparison shopping”? It’s something most of us do – except maybe the “Owoblows”. It simply means comparing the price of an item you want to buy, across various stores, in order to know which store offers the best price. This helps you purchase the item at the cheapest price possible, and therefore, get the best value for your money.

With the advent of e-commerce and mobile-commerce (or m-commerce), comparison shopping has become easier: all you have to do is go online to find the best price. Shoppers are now smarter than ever.

It’s however the same with sports betting.

Gone are the days when punters (bettors) bet on just any bookmaker (betting site). Also, gone are the days when because a bookmaker has a BIG name, punters will always go there money in hand.

Times have changed. Punters are wiser. Punters want the best value for their money, so punters these days are price sensitive. They want to go for the best prices.

This is a wise thing to do – and yea, you should be doing it too. Today, when you want to place any bet, you should look at the price your bookie is offering, then go and look at the prices of the same game in other bookies.

That is, visit several sports betting sites to compare the odds given on the games you want to bet on, so that you can find the best odds, and hence, the best returns or profits for your money. It’s then wise to go with the site that offers the best odds.

Don’t just listen to the adverts and slogans that claim to be the highest or best prices. You should actually compare the odds by yourself.

If your bookie or favourite betting site is offering lower odds, complain to them and insist they increase it. If they do not increase it, move to a bookie that will give you the best odds.

At NairaBET, we have ensured we stay ahead with our odds. Everyday, we watch the market and we increase our odds to make sure we have the highest odds. You can take time to compare it yourself. If you find a game where other bookies have higher odds, let us know so we can increase. That is the way to ensure that you, and other punters, get the best deal!

Competition is good: it ultimately benefits you, the end user; the customer.

Remember the early GSM days? Where to get a SIM card would cost you over 20k, and making calls was also expensive… but everything is cheap now because of competition. It was per minute billing then, now it is per second, and even the per-second charge is dirt cheap. Competition made them offer good prices!

E don dey happen for sports betting! And it’s for your good. AND…NairaBET will remain on top of the game to ensure you get even better odds…and the best value/returns/profits for your money.

What do you think about “odds comparison”? Let us know in the comments.
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