Naijabet Cash Out: How it works………..

Cash Out

Cash Out And Never Lose A Ticket Again

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Now on NaijaBet it doesn’t matter if you are losing a ticket or winning, you can always make money anytime, anywhere and on any ticket or bet.

When you place a bet, the odds corresponding to the initial cash out value will be defined. As long as the chosen market remains active, you can cash out your money and withdraw a part of the amount placed. The cash out amount depends upon the probability of the chosen outcome at the time of cash out.

For example, if the chance for the chosen outcome was 50% at the beginning, but at the time of cash out it decreased to 30%, then the cash out amount will be less than bet amount. And vice versa, If the chance for the selected outcome was 50%, but it increased to 90% at the moment of cash out, then the cash out amount will be bigger than the bet amount and will almost equal to the total potential payout.

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What this means is that if you play combined bets and some games have won and you are afraid one or two teams will spoil the ticket, you can cash out your winnings and your account will be credited with the amount you saw during cash out.

More example: Are  if been you played a game in this order as listed below,

ENGLAND: Premier League

14:30Chelsea – Everton —–1
14:30West Brom – Stoke City —x
17:00Liverpool – Arsenal ——1
19:30Tottenham – Burnley —-x

lets say the total odds for this Game is 100 odds and you stake the selections with #1000 , you will be getting a potential winnings of about #120,000 bonus included .

On monitoring your games you discover that the first three has played out like this,

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ENGLAND: Premier League

14:30Chelsea – Everton 2:0
14:30West Brom – Stoke City 1:1
17:00Liverpool – Arsenal 4:0
19:30Tottenham – Burnley —x

looking at your time is about 18:50 the last match is yet  to commence  ie 19:30Tottenham – Burnley —x;

Automatically you could be given a cashout of about #70,000,  is now left for you to take this money now or allow the next match to play. mind you once the next match start this cashout winning offer to you could drop to about #15000 to #10000  or less. of which you can still withdraw if you want …


One interesting  things about cashout is the time , you know the last Game is suppose to start by 19:30 pm  , the closer the starting period(TIME) the higher the cashout money offers . it drops at exactly 19:30pm

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