Nairabet Monday Funding MadBonus


Yes, your Mondays are now sweeter than ever; it’s mad funding like never before!

NairaBET, in our usual tradition, has come up with yet another unprecedented feature – a way for you to get more value for your betting cash.

Introducing #NairabetMFM

Henceforth, you now get 10% bonus whenever you fund your account between 9am and 9pm on Mondays. Yes, every single Monday to come!

It’s simple: anytime you make a deposit to your NairaBET account on a Monday between 9am and 9pm, in less than 24 hours your account gets credited with extra 10% of the deposited amount.

There are few conditions however…

#NairabetMFM Bonus Conditions

  1. Only payments by card deposit, Quickteller, ATM, USSD, and bank deposit (PayDirect) will qualify you for the #NairabetMFM 10% bonus. Any other payment method won’t qualify you.

As you can already tell, you need an online NairaBET account to enjoy this awoof.
If you don’t have one yet,open one here now!

  1. You can use the bonus on any kind of bet. Be it singles or accumulators.
  2. The bonus can be used on any odds, no matter how small or big.
  3. This offer is available for EVERYONE. It is for both old, new and future customers.
  4. You can use your 10% bonus multiple times. For example, when you get N1,000 bonus after depositing N10,000, you can use that N1,000 bonus 20 times if you wish. BUT…
  5. When you win, the bonus amount is removed from your total winnings. For example, if you use that N1,000 bonus to win N9,000 you will only be paid N8,000. Don’t worry, you’ll always get new bonus everytime you deposit on a Monday 🙂
  6. It’s needless to state it again, but for emphasis sake: your deposit has to be on a Monday to get the bonus – between 9am and 9pm.

How to Use Your Bonus to Place Bets

Using your bonus to bet is very simple too:

Just select your bets like you normally do. And when you get to the final betting page where you’re supposed to stake an amount, select “Place Using Free Balance”.

(If you choose not to use your bonus, you can use your main account balance to place the bet.)

When you win, all your winnings will be credited to the main account for you to withdraw ANYTIME YOU WANT.

But as already said in the conditions, your stake (bonus) will be REMOVED from your winning.

Now you can place more bets and win more money…and can now always thank God it’s Monday!

Ensure you take advantage of this opportunity starting this Monday. Fund your account and earn some nice 10% bonus. And if you don’t have a NairaBET account, stop dulling, go grab one here now!

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