​Top 2018 Sport Betting Websites that pays in Nigeria

In sport betting you do not bet for just betting sakes or bet  on a team you support or love, popular sport betting sites.Now let me surprise you merrybet.com and Lovingbet.com boost of a  better odds than the popular “bet9ja.com“.

In Sport betting  lots of things are taken into considerations before choosing the sport betting platform to place your bet on.

This writes up is intended to enlighten new bettors coming into the industry as well as put the old bettors into a better position to be able to chose their  bookmakers rightly .
1)………BETTING ODDD: Is one of the many option you should look out for. let’s elaborate more on Odds.

Odds – All odds are in Europian format (decimal odds). They are the ratio of the full payout to the stake, in a decimal format. Decimal odds of 2.00 are an even bet.

eg comparing Two betting websites/bookmaker , let say betting website A and B
Betting website A fixture with their odds (This odds is fetch from Bet9ja website)

Chelsea – Brighton

1.19.  |X=7.00|  14.75 

Bournemouth – West Ham

2.75.   |X=3.20|  2.72

Watford – Leicester City

2.48  |X=3.40|  2.88
After booking this 3 fixture on betting website A here is our result

0 ₦
Potential winning
577728 ₦

Betting website B fixture with their odds. (Odds fetch from LOVINGBET.com)

Chelsea FC. vs Brighton 

1.20. Draw 7.00  17.75
Watford FC  vs Leicester City 

2.50. Draw 3.50  2.90
Bournemouth  vs West Ham United 

2.80. Draw 3.30.  2.70

After booking this 3 game here is the odds and potential winning

Odds: 144.13 (our Focus)
Bonus: 0.00
Winning: 720650.00
As you can see from the example above it is very obvious that the betting website B is a better bookmaker to stake your games.

What advantage do you stand to gain ?

Firstly, a better odds saves you from over accumulating to many games. few games give a better chance of wining than too many accumulations.

Secondly, your potential winnings is increase/multiply if not triple .
2)………PAYOUT: Another thing you should look out for is the prompt in payout and account crediting when you fund your online account.
Just imagine winning a bet online and you apply for payout into your bank account and it takes 2 weeks to 1 months in paying what will become of  your faith.

Am going to list sport betting websites in Nigeria including their time durations in winning payout as well as account crediting on funding.

WEBSITE.                  TIME/DAYS  

MERRYBET.COM        Instantly/1/2hr

BET9JA.COM                      1/2hr

NAIRABET.COM                 12 hrs  

1XBET9JA.COM                 24hrs                                                

 1960BET.COM                   24hrs

LIONSBET.COM               24-48hrs

NAIJAPREDICT.COM.       24-48hrs

NAIJABET.COM                 24-48hrs

LOVINGBET.COM             24-48hrs
To be continue……

3)……BONUS: Bonus is very important in sport betting . It  increases your potential winnings.

Sport betting Bonus is in many face.

…Bonus on Game Accumulation.

…Bonus On First Deposit/funding

…Bonus on Free Money to place Bet.

…cash Out Bonus.

Most sport betting website fixed their bonus level on accumulated matches from 5 games , if you accumulate match less than 5 , you do not get any bonus.

Betting Bonus Structure  From Top Sport Betting Website.

The bonus starts from 5% of the potential winning (for 5 events) and it increases by 5% with each event added to the bet coupon, up to 100%,120%,150%,170% & 200% depending on the betting platform you choose.

Bonus on first deposit is a bonus offer on newly register customers that want to fund their account .

This bonus depends on the betting platform of your choice .

Bet9ja.com  offers 100% & up to 200% bonus

nairabet.com  offers 100% bonus

naijabet   100%

merrybet.com  100% even up to 150%

1960bet 100% even up to 190%

lionsbet 100%

naijapredict 100%

lovingbet    100%

1xbet9JA 150% even up to 250%


Bonus on Free Money to place Bet.

This Bonus is sometimes given to loyal customers . What do I mean by loyal customers: this are customers who has been betting with a particular sport betting websites  between 1 to 2 years .

sometimes we call this loyalty Bonus.

The bonus amount ranges from #100, #200 to #1000  depending on your  platform .

, Cash Out lets you take profit early if your bet is coming in, or get some of your stake back if your bet is going against you – all before the event you’re betting on is over. Cash Out offers are made in real time on your current bets, based on live market prices.








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