How to edit bet on nairabet

Here are the steps to take in editing your bet onnairabet:

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STEP 1: Log into your NairaBET account

STEP 2: Click on “My Bets”

We are assuming here that you already placed your bet (or what would you want to edit?!).

So all you have to do after logging in is click “My Bets”. You will find this at the top right of your screen if you’re using a computer – as in the image below.

But if you’re using a mobile device, you’ll have to first click on “Betslip” at the bottom of your screen (see image below)

Then a screen will pop up. This is where you will see “My Bets” as a red button by the same top right (arrow pointing to it in the image below):

STEP 3: Click on “Edit My Acca”

As soon as you click “My Bets” on your computer, you’ll see a list of your accumulations on the right panel, but on top of that list, you will see two buttons: “Cash Out” and “Edit My Acca” (see image below).

For mobile, once you click on “My Bets” you’ll be taken to a page also has the two buttons: “CASH OUT” and “EDIT MY ACCA” (see mage below).

All you have to do next, for both desktop/computer and mobile, is click on the “Edit My Acca” button.

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STEP 4: Edit your bet

After that, for computer, you’ll see a list of bets you can edit. Once you click on the one you want to edit, the list of game in that ticket/betslip will drop down (see image below).

For mobile, you have to click/tap on the bet you want to edit too, then the list of games will also drop down (see image below).

Below this list you’ll see another “EDIT MY ACCA” button (see image below).

The button simply says “Edit” on computer.

Click on edit, on computer, and the games will become editable right there. On mobile however, a page where you can edit your accumulation will pop up (see image below).

On this page (or right panel on computer), you will be able to edit your bet as you wish.

STEP 5: Submit

Once you’re done editing your bet slip, simply click on “confirm bet” to submit.

Nice feature huh?

But…here are a few general “Edit My Bet” conditions:

  1. Bet Edit is available on all sports– you can edit your bet on any kind of sport.
  2. Only bets that have minimum of 5 games qualify. In fact, you won’t find a slip that has less than 5 games in the Bet Edit list.
  3. When you edit your bets, you can remove some games, as long as they are not reduced to less than 5 games.
  4. You can add more games to your bet.
  5. You can increase your stake but cannot reduce it.
  6. You can reduce your bets only once.

You’ll agree with us that this is some real game-changing feature (no pun intended). NairaBETis definitely the only sports betting company that gives tons and tons of features and opportunities to help you win more — not to chop your money more.

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