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Bet9ja customer service number
Having Issue with your bet9ja online account? Are you Having issue funding? or
are there delay in payout or you can not login on your bet9ja online account to place bet?
Here are bet9ja customer care details to help resolve whatever issue you are having.

CALL BET9JA NOW :01-2796666

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 #EMAIL  Method:

Send Bet9ja customer care email and they will aim to reply to your query within 24 hours.
Please provide full information about your query: ie the challenges or issues you are facing with your account including your Username.
If you are an Agent, please use
If you are an online customer, please use


To contact Bet9ja call center, dial 01- 4405145 or 01-2796666
(Operating hours are 08:00 to 21:00).

CALL NOW-01- 4405145

#TWITTER  Method

Have a quick question for Bet9ja?
Get in touch through Their Twitter customer service here:


Tomi’s House,
9 Funsho Williams Avenue,
By Fire Service Station,
Ojuelegba Bus Stop, Lagos for Those staying in Lagos to get your issue resolved immediately

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30 Responses

  1. Akinlade Hassan says:

    My name is AKINLADE HASSAN ad my bet9ja ID is 169228. I deposited amount of 500naira into my bet9ja account from my GTB ONLINE ACCOUNT since yesterday and it has not been reflected and the money was deducted from my BANK ACCOUNT

    • naijabetworld says:

      my brother sorry for the inconveniences follow this link to learn how you can query your pending deposit on bet9ja

      if you check your account and there is no pending deposit then contact your bank to know if actually the money was debited or refunded if they cant help simply contact bet9ja with this mail
      From my end i still insist you query it from your end by login to your account . once again check the link above for how to query your transaction on bet9ja you could recover more money if you have been using bet9ja online for a long time now.

  2. bamidele marcus says:

    gud day i made a withdraw of sixteen thousand naira(#16000) from my bet9ja account but still now it has not been credit to my account,and it’s as been deducted, kindly see to the delay or issues that might have occurred. bam I dele Marcus, user name, marcane.

  3. lucky says:

    Subject: Withdraw problem
    I made withdraw of 9000 naira and also made the withdraw of 5000 naira since Monday when I first made the withdraw it said pending withdraw then when I later check again it said now withdraw had been processed and the money is not in my bet9ja account any more my user name is lucky828,my ID is 7253039 and my email is please refund my money or you credit me bet9ja this is bad

  4. LovedayTitoo says:

    I post my fidelity bank account statement to enable me to access and withdrawal from my bet9ja account ID4385729 LovedayTitoo till now no access pls do something about this

  5. please help me don’t no why can long in too my account please help open it I have game now

    • naijabetworld says:

      Please remember to always state the reason why you can’t login . the most be information or instruction given while trying to login. Is either you entered wrong password or username . if is wrong password quickly do a password reset and reclaim your account as long as you can remember the email u used on registration

  6. Uchenna says:

    My user name is billcharles i cant open my acount

    • naijabetworld says:

      Hello bro you did not state the reason why you are unable to login . what is the message you are getting while trying to login . wrong password or username ? If is wrong password , and you can remember the email you used while registering quickly do a password reset and follow the instruction to login

  7. Mukaila Aliu says:

    I deposit my account with 1200 since yesterday which is 15/07/2019 and up till now i have not been credited and they message me that it was succesful,
    futher more i have seen alart from the bank that 1200 has been remove. user name: alians
    I:D 690****

  8. Oteri brume says:

    Good day sir/mar
    Issue about withdrawing problem please i am trying to withdraw from my online account but I was restricted because I have an old account registered that have forgotten the details I requested for a new password and I didn’t get any response so I created a new account now am tryiy to withdraw it’s showing that my payment details excit in another account with is my old account I want to deactivate the old account and reactivate the new one thank is I look forward to get feet back from you soon

    Both accounts ID
    Old4795806 new7085552

    • naijabetworld says:

      sorry for attending to your issue a bit late. quickly send a mail to with your old and new id including your full name , must tally with your bank account name you want to withdraw to and a valid id card eg National ID or voters card, state your issue . please remember to give us feedback on the comment box below if your issue is resolved .

  9. My name is abiodun busari please since yesterday have been try to deposit money into my bet9ja account but it was showing me pending please what should I do ?this s my ID 13554666

  10. Sandra says:

    my winnings was transferred into my account since yesterday.. but I have not gotten any alert from my bank

    • naijabetworld says:

      Please confirm from your bank if the money was credited or not. because sometimes due to technical issues you might not get alert from your bank. not getting alert has nothing to do with bet9ja except your withdrawal was not processed. if the withdrawal was reversed please read careful the reasons why it was reversed to your bet9ja account. most time it could be issue bothering on your name on your bet9ja profile not tallying with your bank account name. to resolved this quickly send your valid Id could be your voters card with the original attached to your bank account with your bet9ja Id to

  11. Augustine ijeomaon August 24, 2019 at 20:36 pm
    My name is Augustine ijeoma ad my bet9ja ID is
    7904506. I deposited amount of 3000naira into my bet9ja
    account from my Accessbank ONLINE ACCOUNT since Saturday
    and it has not been reflected and the money was
    deducted from my BANK ACCOUNT

  12. Kunle Oyetunji. Greatikiah1 says:

    Afternoon, I have challenge betting using my acct for some time now, I have acct bal of #2789.28, each time I place bet, the response is that I have insufficient bal. My acct ID – 1740097. Username – greatikiah1.
    Kindly see to resolve this issue

    • naijabetworld says:

      Please check the fund you have is a bonus , bonus fund most time don’t appear on your main balance . if is on your main balance then is a problem . please send mail directly to

  13. fhisayo says:

    my name is Blessing, my username is Fhisayo23 and my ID is 7823476, I have not been able to withdraw from my account because it does not bring out any other option after withdraw.

  14. Garba m yero says:

    My bet9ja account has been blocked yesterday I trying my best to reach my bet but no way ID 3113881 username Habila8090

  15. shaketa says:

    please my name is Shaketa, ID 7103152 code I was trying to cash out some money since yesterday morning, and they keep reversing the money back to my bet naija account, and I need the money for an emergency this morning.

    • naijabetworld says:

      sorry this reply came late please contact bet9ja on and table your complaint . but you will need to scan your ID card eg voters card and make sure it tally with your bank account number then bet9ja will handle your bet9ja account details and make your it also tally with every other details you provide.

  16. muhd usman says:

    pls I forgotten my password and I was told to change and I have been trying to change but is not going pls help

    • naijabetworld says:

      hello, your message meet us well , password reset should be very easy if you can have access to your mail address you used when signing up on bet9ja , click on password reset on bet9ja login page , enter the email address you used while signing up then login to your mail and click on the link sent by bet9ja and enter your new password .

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