How To Query :Bet9ja Pending Deposit Error

Bet9ja pending deposit, query pending deposit on bet9ja

Bet9ja deposit errors for online customers.

Delay in funding or pending deposit error on bet9ja online account funding could result sometimes , this could be frustrating most time. Maybe you have got a very urgent game to place and you quickly fund your account only for you to realize your hard-earned money wasn't funded successfully. This could be as a result of human factors or delay by web server . Never too worry am going to show you how you can actually resolve your pending bet9ja deposit and get you account funded instantly and even if you have had a pending deposit that wasn't resolved by bet9ja team , you will get to resolved it your self using this methods.

Most time when you are faced with this kind of problem, bet9ja teams can not actually resolve this issue from their end , you will be asked to query the transaction at your end.

Now what does it mean to query the transaction?

e.g you might have receive a message or mail from bet9ja which reads "Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting us.

You can personally query any pending transaction for a final response.Anytime, you  make a deposit using the cards instant deposit and you have a pending transaction from your transaction list, please click on the 'Query' Icon to get a final response of  'failed' or  'Success'. We can render further assistance once you contact us to get the money credited if the status became ' Sucess' and you were not credited."Now follow this steps below to query or resolved all pending transactions in your account....

Firstly:  login to your bet9ja account with your username and password..

Secondly:  check your balance as seen from the image below , there is no money in my account.

Now scroll down and click on the deposit icon it will take you to the bet9ja deposit  options....

Thirdly: select the instant card deposit as seen from the image


Now click on all the pending  transaction , you can always click on view more to reveal more pending transactions.

Fourthly: once you click on the pending transaction you will see a pop up window as seen above , now click on the refresh sign on green .

If the transaction went successfully but your account was not credited such amount will automatically be deposited in your bet9ja account instantly. But if the transaction was a fail one you will also get a message that the transaction failed.

From the image above you can see that my account was credited instantly with the #300 that was pending before now.

Repeat this on every pending  transaction wether fail or successful and let the system tell you whether it was fail or successful.

Thank you for reading through ,hope this was helpful .

Please remember to share and comment below .

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35 Responses

  1. olodeadetoun says:

    pls on sunday night i transfered #200 to my bet9ja a/c but is reflect on my a/c i still transfered #100 again and did the same thing and my bank a/c was debited pls help me

  2. naijabetworld says:

    bro sorry for that pls follow the step on this link carefully and you can retrieve your money back .

  3. Mike says:

    I follow the procedure but I was not credited

  4. naijabetworld says:

    if you were not credited check if your transaction was really successful and your bet9ja online account was not credited.
    as long as you were debited and your bet9ja account not credited and there is a pending deposit on your deposit history brother your money must be credited

  5. Peter Osaje says:

    Good Afternoon Sir. My name is Peter Osaje.
    I paid 800 naira into My bet9ja account number 5542404 only to discover that My Account number has been changed to 1889960. And My account wasn’t credited, Pls I need You people to help Me rectify this as soon as possible. Thanks.

  6. naijabetworld says:

    hello mr peter sorry for the inconvenience. please forward your complaint to for quick resolution of your problem thanks

  7. Sunday kufre says:

    I did a deposit on my from my bank mobile app to my bet account 147448 id but till now I have not be credited

  8. naijabetworld says:

    if your bet9ja account is still not credited and your money has not been reversed to your bank then follow this link and follow the step on how to query bet9ja pending deposit, also check if your account id was copy correct otherwise you have credited someone else account. if you still can’t resolve then contact bet9ja @

  9. Cbless111 says:

    pls I transfered #4000 to my bet9ja account (8580015) yesterday, but it was rather diverted to betday platform. kindly help me retrieve the money. tnks..

  10. My pending transaction have been cancelled and my money have not reflected. Why?

  11. naijabetworld says:

    hope this issue is resolved

  12. naijabetworld says:

    sorry that can not be retrieved because bet9ja and betdey is a two different company

  13. Ajayi olamide, clariyan1 says:

    Please credit my bet9ja account, they debit me but they didn’t credit me please help me out I want to play. My game

  14. Reuben says:

    Hello credited my bet9ja account wih 1900 since 6april my acct was debited by my inline bet9ja account has not been credited till date pls help

  15. Omotoyi says:

    Good morning I won a bet and I was trying to transfer the money to my bank acct but since 4days ago now , the transfer will show successful but later the money will be reversed back to my bet9ja acct pls what can I do n my bank acct tally with information one I usef

  16. sunday says:

    please i need my money back i don’t know that Bet9ija is a criminal i use 500.000 thousand naira to play casino games without wining anything please be sure to return my money back to my account because am going to contact the EFCC of nigeria

  17. naijabetworld says:

    due to some issue on our end we could not reply your message soon enough , please if this issue has not been resolved kindly give us a reply on this link .
    trust us we will follow up your case thanks

  18. naijabetworld says:

    due to some issue on our end we could not reply your message soon enough , please if this issue has not been resolved kindly give us a reply on this link .
    trust us we will follow up your case thanks
    meanwhile check if your bank name correspond with the name on your bet9ja account i do not mean your username . also your means of identification will be needed also. remember this is a one time things , after this anytime you place a withdrwal you would not have such issue again

  19. naijabetworld says:

    please follow the video or screenshot tips of how to query your bet9ja pending deposit

  20. Victor says:

    I followed your step but mine was not showing any option

  21. Mary says:

    Pls I mistaken fund unknown bet9ja account when I was trying to fund my bet9ja account, how do I recover my money?

  22. I don’t on what happened to my bet9 i can’t put money there

  23. Rasheed says:

    Please I need ur help I tried to deposit money into my bet9ja account I was debited 10k from my bank but on my bet9ja account it was showing pending and lAter showed failed, my money is no where to be found plz helpme

  24. My transaction deposit to my bet9ja account pending
    Amount :1000.00
    Transaction Date :2020-07-23
    Account number :3071325201
    Narration:BILL PAY/1404775744
    Transaction type:Dr

  25. Sunday says:

    pls can l can’t deposit to my account whenever l want to deposit it will right generic error pls have try all my possible best to resolve it but is not done pls help me on this

  26. pls help me here since yesterday l try to deposit money to my bet account it jus the wright payment with token failed click here to see updated transaction info

  27. pls help me here since yesterday l try to deposit money to my bet account it jus the wright payment with token failed click here to see updated transaction info that wat then rote for me

  28. naijabetworld says:

    hello sorry you are getting this reply too late, please check if you are using master card or verve card . if you are using verve card and is not enable for online transaction you can simply follow this link and learn how to activate your verve card on any ATM machine nearby

  29. naijabetworld says:

    please there is a better way to fund all your betting account using opay app on your android phones using your card you can add fund to opay with no service charge go to playstore and download opay is a safe payment gateway

  30. naijabetworld says:

    follow the step on how to query bet9ja pending deposite error on this website to resolve this issue

  31. christian says:


  32. naijabetworld says:

    easy bro what happened

  33. Joan says:

    Pls help me my account is refusing to deposit is showing fail

  34. Ajibili Peter kpene says:

    I can’t deposit money to my bet9ja account

  35. Queeneth says:

    pls help me here since yesterday l try to deposit money to my bet account it will write the payment with token failed click here to see updated transaction info and I have tried everything possible it all proved abortive

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