Cash Out: Never Lose A Bet Again On Nairabet


Cash Out: Never Lose A Bet Again

Cash out means you can make money from a bet before the game finishes. It doesn’t matter if the team you chose is winning or losing. If you place a live bet (In-Play), you can decide to cash your money any time during the game. For example if you choose a team to win and the team is winning and you don’t want to wait till the end of the game, NairaBET will offer you money to cash out.

The amount will be changing as the game goes on. On the other hand, if the team is losing and even when the match is about to finish, NairaBET will offer you some money as compensation. For Pre Match, if you have an accumulator and some games have won and you are afraid one team will spoil it, you can cash out your winnings.

For example: if you accumulated a game , lets say a Five Fold game of about 15 odds and stake your game with 5000 NRN  which give you a potential winning of about 100000 NRN .
On monitoring the game you observe that all Four game has won and the 5th game unlikely to come through or already losing or in the last final minute of the match you can quickly apply for withdrawal and nairabet will sort out your winning and credit your account instantly. 

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