Deepverse Registration-Funding and withdrawal

Deepverse is a gaming site where you play games and win a lot of money.
Deepverse has a whole lot of IN-HOUSE GAMES such as hash dice, keno, classic dice, wheel, crash, ultimate dice etc. You also have a lot of bonuses to choose from on deepverse , bonuses such as free daily bonus, lucky number, golden rain, dv jackpot and daily rebate. The minimum stake on deepverse is #100 and 1 usdt .
On deepverse your winnings can be withdrawn into your bank account and also into your usdt cryptocurrency wallet. withdrawal prompt. deepverse is 100 % legit.

How To Register/signup On Deepverse

To register on deepverse you must be 18+ .

Step 1. Go to click here now

Step 2. On the website homepage click on signup and provide your email address , login password , confirm that you are up to 18+ by ticking on the small column provided.

Step3. After providing all the information , proceed by clicking on sign up to complete your registration,

Step 4. Still on deepverse website click on login , enter your email address and password you provided during signup and click login.

How to make deposit into your deepverse account

I assume you have signup and you have access to your deepverse account.
On deepverse there are two method of making deposit into your your online account.

Method 1. You can deposit using bank transfer

Method 2. You can deposit using cryptocurrency . note for now deepverse only accept USDT deposit.

Deposit Using Bank Transfer

Once you are login , click on the wallet top right on deepverse website, a pop up window appear .

Step 1. Click on “FIAT” chose your currency type and input the amount of money to deposit and click on pay.

Step 2. There is a notice here which reads:

“User Notice”
1.Each account can only be paid once and cannot be used multiple times ( means the account provided by deepverse to make a deposit through bank transfer, you can only make a single deposit into it. please take note).

2.Each account is only valid for 20 minutes, please use your account to pay within 20 minutes.

3.The payment amount must be the same as the request amount. If you want to pay another amount, please re-initiate the payment.
Please follow the above principles for payment, otherwise it will cause the payment to be unsuccessful and avoid the loss of your own funds!

Step 3. Click on PAY NOW , on the next page hover your mouse on pay with on the drop down select ” Pay With Bank Transfer” if you prefer payment with debit card you can select from the drop down .

Step 4. On the next page if you select pay with bank transfer , an account to credit or transfer to will be provided , make the transfer and finally click on ” I HAVE MADE THE TRANSFER ” to complete your deposit .

Step 5. If your account is debited and you have click on ” I HAVE MADE THE TRANSFER” congrats your deepverse account will be credited within 10 minutes if delay maximum 20 minutes .

How To Make Deposit With Crypto wallet (USDT)

To make deposit using your crypto wallet follow the simple steps below:

Step 1. click on the wallet top right on deepverse website, a pop up window appear . The USDT deposit details is on default , from the pop up window you can see the USDT network type must be “TRC20” please take note of this.


Step 2. copy the network address and transfer the amount you wish to deposit into your deepverse account . once the deposit is done it takes just 10 to 20 minutes for your account to be credited .

How To Play Games On Deep Verse

There are several games available to play on deepverse , eg hash dice, keno, classic dice , mine , wheel, crash, ultimate dice etc.
This articles will only focus on CRASH AND MINE games on deepverse .

CRASH GAME: It consists of a ROCKET that keeps going up and up, multiplying your bet until it crashes. During this time period, you are free to cash out whenever you want, even automatically. If you cash out before the random crash, you keep your winnings otherwise, you lose your whole bet. The rocket can hit over 46 odd most time.

Step 1. Click on the crash game , the game is automated so you can wait for the count down to enter your bet.

Step 2. First select your payout which is the odd you wish to auto take profit once the rocket hit that odd

Step 3. Select the amount to stake and click on “BET”..


Multiply each stake with 1.5 for every lost stake example :
First bet amount #100 @ 3 odds take profit , if the bet is lost, you immediately place the second bet
i.e. 100×1.5 =150 if it did not crashes before hitting 3 odds set as payout ,
next stake will be 150×1.5 =225 if it hit the 3 odds payout you will be making #675 , so doing you recover all your lost and still be on profit .Note , if this payout of 3 odds was not hit we simply multiply 225×1.5= #337.5
Continue this if your payout is not hit untill you finnally hit your payout.
Once payout is hit you start all over again from your initial stake .

The MINE Game:

The mine game has a multiple squared boxes with a question mark icon , hidden in the boxes are a precious object and valueless items .
The hidden precious item is a diamonds while the valueless item is a bomb. And so you are expected to discover the boxes that have the hidden diamonds to win your stake , each time you chose the wrong box which house the worthless item which is the bomb you lose your bet.

How to play Mine GAME:

To play mine game , click on MINE , select the amount to stake and click on bet .
After clicking on bet , the next step is to make your selection by choosing the box that house the diamonds . To reduce your chances of loosing , selection just 3 diamonds , but remember the more diamonds you discover the more money you make .
So once you are done with your 3 selections if successful and you don’t wish to continue with the selection quickly click on cash out. repeat this method for as long as you want to place a bet on MINE GAME .

Withdrawal On Deepverse

Withdrwal on deepverse is in two ways:

Although there are conditions that must be meet before one can perform a withdrawal on the platform .

Withdrawal Conditions on deepverse : Valid betting deposit x 1 time + bonus x 20 times
if you make a deposit of #1000 and after wager you made some money , lets say #20000.
You can only withdraw a maximum of #6000 per day, that is , if you are in vip level 1. if you are on vip level 4 you can withdraw up to #40000 per day.
The more deposit you make the higher your withdrawal level .
NOTE: This is temporal as deepverse is still making adjustment on their VIP level to increase withdrwal limit .
we will make an announcement here after the adjustment is completed .

Now lets dive into the withdrawal process:
You can withdraw directly to you bank account and also to your crypto wallet .
Deepverse Withdrawal To Bank Account

Step 1. Click on the wallet then select withdrawal

Step 2. On choose network select ” wow” and enter the amount to withdraw : Minimum withdrawal is #3000.

Step 3. Enter your bank username , bank account and select bank type .

Step 4. click on Withdrawal to complete your withdrawal .

Deepverse withdrawal to USDT Wallet Address

Step 1. Click on the wallet then select withdrawal.

Step 2. On choose network select ” TRC20″ and enter the amount to withdraw : Minimum withdrawal is 10 usdt.

Step 3. Enter your USDT wallet address and then amount to withdraw.

Step 4. If there is service charge/handling fees and you have some value on your DC account , then tick the use DC deduction as handling fee. After that click on withdrawal to complete your transaction.

Deepverse Bonus

Deepverse offers a whole lot of bonus for new and existing customers , customer can get up to #500 on daily bonuses to 5000 Deepverse coin (DC) to practice the games on the platform .

NOTE: DC is also the game virtual currency , which can also be used to offset your withdrawal fees .

List of Available Bonus On Deepverse;

1. DEPOSIT BONUS: There are two type of deposit bonus on deepverse, bonus with limited time and bonus with unlimited time
Bonus With Limited Time: New players makes their first single deposit of NGN 3,000 and received a 50% bonus , with a bonus cap of NGN 30,000. 1 time only.
Bonus with Unlimited Time: Deposit NGN 3000 and a 10% bonus will be given , the bonus is capped at NGN 30000. Time is not limited but does not overlap with the above activities.

2. DAILY BONUS: Is a free spin bonus draw on deepverse . Here you can always login on the platform to spin free every 24 hours and you have a chance of wining up to #500 or 500 dc .
To play Free spin; the turntable wins 100% prizes , and the cumulative number of times per day is up to 1 times. refresh the next day .
If in the future you get a physical reward that need to be sent , please fill in the delivery address on the prize details page . for further questions please click on the top menu on the page and select the microphone icon below the page to speak with online representative.

3. LUCKY NUMBERS BONUS: This bonus or rewards is automatically issued at 0.00 time everyday.
There is 1 lottery chance everyday , from 1 to 9999, the number is from large to small, the top 10 players on the platform on that day can get the same amount of DC.
If the numbers are the same , they will be sorted by the drawing time.
Activity time is 0.00-23:59 everyday.

4. DV JACKPOT BONUS: This is distributed in form of treasure chest.
Every 48 hours , a treasure chest will appear in the chat room, which can be claimed by all players. The reward is usually distributed to wallet in real time.

5. DAILY REBET BONUS: This is an automatic countdown settlement .
The higher the VIP level, the higher the daily return rate. ( The higher you deposit and stay on the platform the higher you vip level).
Players who reach VIP 24, unlock: instant cash back.

How To Contact Deepverse customer Care

For further questions and enquiries click on the top menu on the page and select the microphone icon below the page to speak with online representative.