Donate #10,000 And Get #80000 Within @weeks

How it works
When you enlist on, within 24 hours, you will be required to make a payment of $20,$40 or $60 depending on how much you wish to donate to another participant on Megapay whose account number and contact details will be shown to you when you login to the website. you will be required to make the donation within 48 hours which is two days, a refusal to make the donation within the predetermined time may prompt to ban of such account on Megapay. When the donation has been successfully sent to the merged participant, the participant will have to confirm your donation and the endorsement of your donation makes you a full participant on Megapay.

when this procedures are effective, you should sit tight for 14days which is two weeks for you to be merged or peered with 4 participant on Megapay to pay you $20,$$40,$60 each, depending on the amount you donated. In some cases, you may be converged to be paid before 14days.

To Signup Go to
click on signup a registration page will popup remember to use : chimafoster as you Referral name or you will not be signup.


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