How To Bet On Virtual Football League Betting on virtual football league”secret of virtual football betting”

How Does It Work Virtual football league is made up of 16 teams. That means each team will play 30 matches a season. Each match lasts for 3 minutes. That means a whole season will last for just about 2 hours. Assuming the league starts now and week one is being played. All the teams will be playing at the same time. That means within 3 minutes, week one is over. Immediately, week 2 starts and so on. Please note that everyone, everywhere in the world will be watching the same matches and be using the same results so even if your Internet breaks, it does not matter. The table reflects the same results for everyone. Infact, as you are watching a game, you can decide to switch to another game to watch. Just click on any of the games listed.
How To Place Bets You can place bets on the matches that are yet to be played. What I mean is if the games being played live are match day 11 games, you can begin to place bets on matches to be played in week 12 and more.



This particular fixture VFL London vs VFL Paris contains the markets over 4.5 goals… Most other fixtures do not contain this market… They mostly have over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals ad over 3.5 goals… Some other fixture even contain Over 0.5 goals, Like VFL Copenhagen vs VFL Zagreb…
So whatever market you want to stake on… Simply click on the Odds… A box will appear at the top right hand corner of your screen… See image below…
My winnings If i won will be N1,700…
How To Bet On Virtual Football League Betting on virtual football league is the same as betting on normal football matches. The only difference is that the matches in virtual football league are not played by real human beings. They are computer generated. To get started, click on VFLeague when you get to any of  Nigeria betting sites of your choice like merrybet, nairabet , bet9ja and 196bet .It will take you to vfl page.




 You already know what the bet types like first half results, Over/Under are so I won’t discuss that here. All I’ll say is you can place them as you like. Once you click on your selections, they will be added to your bet slip and you can place your bets. You can accumulate as you wish.From the image above you will notice that there are 10 markets for you to choose from…I chose this particular fixture… VFL Amsterdam vs VFL Lisbon… I chose Amsterdam to win at Odds of 1.70… I placed N1,000…Thanks for your time. I’m sure you are going to have an exciting time playing the Virtual Football League. more to come.

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