How To Buy From Konga “shop online in nigeria”


How to Buy things Online On

1. Visit through your mobile
device, tabs, pads or laptop.

2. Search , Select or click on the product you wish
to buy (If the product you wish to buy is not on
the homepage, click /browse or select the
category or name of the manufacturer such
as Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, Injoo etc on the left
hand side of the home page), AS seen below,

3. Click on the product you wish to buy to reveal
more info about the product.

 4. Click on add to your cart,

5. Click on buy now on the product page (it
automatically adds product to your cart.) 

6. Then click on proceed to checkout
The next page displays shipping cost and
quantity of items. Click the “proceed to checkout
7. At his stage you have to sign into your account if you have
registered with before or register a
new account with your email address if you have
not registered before, you can also sign in with
your facebook account if you own one (makes
filling forms quick and faster so i’ll rather opt to
sign up using my facebook account).

Sign Up
Already have an account? Sign In

8. Enter your shipping and billing address (click
on deliver to this address) . This is where you
enter the address where your product is going to
be delivered, so my advice is to be careful when
entering your address.
9. Now Choose a payment option e.g. Via ATM or
pay on delivery (an advice; make sure you are on
a very fast network when doing this).
10. And now click on confirm payment
11. Now wait for your item to be delivered
to your door step!!!

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