How to fund my 1960bet account using atm

 1960Bet Webpay/Globalpay/interswitch  With Verve , Master and visa card Online Deposit Methode

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GlobalPay/interswitch is a web based payment solution where you can credit your 1960Bet account with your credit card.
You can top-up your account using Visa or Mastercard cards.
If you are using Internet Explorer browser, please make sure you have disabled support for SSL 2.0 by following the steps below:
1. Click on Tool option on the menu bar 2. Select Internet Options 3. Click Advanced tab 4. Scroll down to Security opt
But if you are using opera mini ,Mozilla , and Google chrome you need not worry about to disabled support for SSL 2.0.  
* Deposit fees charge applies: If you use WebPay as your deposit option, we will apply a deposit fee of 1.5%.
 Maximum charge is N2, 000. What that means is that if you wish to credit your account with N2,000, your card would be charged N2,030.

If you do not want this charge, please contact alternatively an agent to credit you without charge.

Follow the method below to make deposit into your 1960bet online account:


1. If you do not have online account,You have to register as a user with them by clicking here.

2. If you have registered please log in by clicking here.

3. Ensure you have an Interswitch debit card, Naira Master Card or Verve card.

4. After login please click on the ‘Deposits’ link at the top of the webpage, and then on the ‘webpay/Globalpay’ or a more faster methods the “interswitch credit card” which is the first payment option button that you see after the new page opens.


5.  Enter the amount you want to fund your account with and click “Accept ” then  ‘Next’.as seen below from the image.

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…………..wait as you will be directed to a globap/webpay page to complete your deposite



6. You will be informed about fee (if it’s defined) and total amount to pay.

you can see from the image above, am depositing #500  and am being charge a service fee of #7.61 making a total of #507.61



Click ‘Confirm’ if you accept it. 




7.  In this step you will receive your transaction ID. When you click ‘proceed’ you’ll be redirected to the payment gateway page.image

8. On the payment gateway, select your card type and provide card details, pin and whatever other information is required (note:from the payment gateway below ignore the e mail and password request and move to select card type since 1960bet already have your email address you provided when signup ) 



9. if your details is correct you will get a OPT CODE direct to your phone then quickly enter the code as seen in the image below and click on continue. 



10.  You’ll be redirected back to deposits page, where you can view the status of your transaction.


                                              Your deposit has been completed correctly


10.  If your transaction is successful, your 1960bet account would be funded instantly, and you can make use of the funds.

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