How To Make Money With Top Football Betting Sites

How To Make Money Weekly Betting

Online football betting in Nigeria has become a house whole name, thousands of jobless Nigerias are trooping into it on daily basis trying to make ends means . The purpose of this brief write up is to show you a little trick on how I made some cool cash/money weekly betting online with some of the top Nigeria betting sites like:






N/B when placing bet on football games always consider the head to head of each team. I can tell you this is very important because by so doing you have cleared you mind on betting on big odds. eg imagine after checking on head to head of mancity vs Liverpool about 8 previous meetings and you realized that both teams always play over2.5 and GG and you cast your stake on this option and kill the fear that it will never play this time around. mancity vs liverpool head to head
there is 80% chances if not 99% that this outcome will come out successfully. this actually gave me my winning on the last fixture between this two. And same goes with arsenal vs westbrom they have a record of over2.5.
2. Head to head analysis help you know the form of each time and reduce your chances of loosing up to 75%. personally I make use of two site when am in doubt of best option to play on:
3. some expert predicting sites can also guid you when forecasting prior to staking
eg sites like:
Note: Don’t always follow this prediction sites verbatim, always see it as a guide and not your finally stop to all your predictions.
NB; head to head helps you to have in your disposal lots of options to stake on and not just 1,X and 2 options. it gives you wild range of options like GG, Over Goals, and most scoring half’s etc.
4. If you really want to win or make money from top Nigeria betting sites day  in day out, then you have to do away with what i call ” Accumulation Mentality”
lets take reference from the example above on the fixture between Mancity vs Liverpool, from our research on the head to head of both team we had this option to stake on :
1st: Both team to Score ,
2nd: over2.5
Lets say you have different account with some top betting companies in Nigeria listed above, pick the options play it separately on this betting sites that you have account with as a single game. why do this? ….Remember odds are never the same with these betting sites.
I hope this few tips can go along way to help you make some cool money on most of the betting sites in Nigeria.
To Be Continued…………

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