How To Research Football Bets

Importance of Head to Head in Football betting in nigeria

Head to head analysis is a formula use in solving betting puzzle. Some match's are fixed and some matches determined the outcome of other matches.

You can do this from week to week by backing teams based on what you have read in the papers, heard on the radio or seen on television, but you are far likely to succeed more often if you take a little bit of time out each week to dedicate to researching your football bets in more depth before you make your final choices.

Read up as much as you can, and do as much as you can to avoid betting blind come match day…

When you see Fulham and Preston in 2015 ask them......


Choose Your Leagues

Unless you have hours and hours and hours spare each week to dedicate to football betting research then you should probably choose a handful of leagues and make them your focus. It will pay off far better if you know a lot about a little rather than a little about a lot.


It might be that you support a team in the Championship or League One, and already have a head start on knowing that league inside out because you already read about and watch it every week as a fan. Drop down a league and get some familiarity with that one as well and you already have around 22 matches happening each weekend that you can look at with knowledge already in your head. Throw in a keen interest and following in a European league and you’re well on your way to being able to build at least one decent treble each week.

When you have picked your leagues then get yourself a study plan. Different things work for different people, but here is one process to get you to work towards the weekend:

  • Start the week by checking the fixtures for the forthcoming weekend. Forget what happened with your bets on the previous weekend; celebrate or shake it off, but leave it there and focus again.
  • Make a note of the matches you feel you can call and then check through the match write ups from the previous weekend that involved those teams – you’re checking for how they played, or for whether key players will be unavailable for the next game through injury or being sent off.
  • Find out how the teams involved in the matches you fancy have done historically when they have played each other. Check to see if there is any bias towards home and away. If you believe Team A will win based on recent form, yet you see a history of draws in results between these two teams then you might want to leave that game alone and focus on another; bogey teams do exist.
  • If you’re focussing on the weekend matches then make sure there are no midweek fixtures that your chosen teams are playing in. If there are then make a note to check the write ups the day after, to again check for injuries or any other factors that might affect the weekend’s result.
  • Start looking at the odds as the weekend approaches and make a betting plan with your chosen stake budget. If you give yourself #2500 each weekend and you have 6 matches that you are really confident about then maybe you’ll choose two #1000 trebles and one #250 sixfold accumulator.
    If you can hang on until a bit closer to kick off then a last check of the team sheets might be useful. Just in case something has happened on match day morning that has kept a star striker out of the game for example.
  • Fill in your coupon or betting slip, hand your stake over, and enjoy the results coming in.

Keep in mind that you are more likely to be successful with your football bets if you choose what type of bet to go for AFTER you have found the matches you think you can get a result on. If you find 5 matches you want to back then you can choose whether to do an accumulator, or a treble and a double, or 5 singles, etc. If you decide to do a fivefold accumulator before you have looked at the fixtures then you might find yourself stuffing in a less-considered game to make the list up to 5. You might get lucky, but you might also kick yourself as that fifth game lets you down.

Now let me bring to you this little revelation on the important of always checking out for head to head before placing your bet.

Whenever Roma is at home against Milan look out for a possible draw or Goal Goal (GG), when ever Chelsea is home playing everton always look out for GG and over2.5, Manchester city playing home or away with Liverpool ,GG and over 2.5 and finally Arsenal against everton 5 previous meetings have recorded GG and in less cases over2.5.
In Betting in Nigeria and all over the world at large punters don't joke with head to head analysis because of the huge advantage that comes with it.
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