Latest: 1xbet Withdrawal Method-Two-factor Authentication method

New Method To Withdraw Your Winnings From 1xbet 2019

Ixbet has introduce a new method of withdrawing your winnings online to your Nigeria bank account called Two-factor Authentication (2FA) click here for more

Now this the latest and a more secure methods to withdraw from 1xbet and your bank account in Nigeria will be credited within 15 minutes of applying for payout.

How To Withdraw With Two-Factor Authentication Methods On 1xbet

  1. Login on your 1xbet online account , enter your details to login
  2. Click on withdrawal found on "my account " drop down once you click on it top right of your browser.. 1xbet

3. Select your withdrawal bank name . see list of banks available to withdraw from Nigeria. 1xbet

4. chose your bank and you will see a pop up where you will enter the amount you wish to withdraw followed by the your bank account number as the "payment system account" details . see photo below: click confirm. 1xbet

5. Open the authentication App on your android phone and scan to complete your withdrawal or payout. 1xbet

5. Remember in subsequence transactions you do not need to repeat the QR scan , once you follow the process above to withdraw a six digit code will be requested from 1xbet , all you need to is open the authentication App on your android phone you will fine this code simply enter it immediately to complete your payout from 1xbet. if the code fail go back to your authentication app which will automatically generate new six digit pin , repeat this as long as the code keep failing . The faster you enter the code the lesser you have to keep trying.

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