Make Huge Money From Cashout Sport Betting Option From Nigeria Betting Sites

Make Huge Money From Cashout Sport Betting System online


Cash Out is a revolutionary real-time feature that allows you control over your bet. Use it to guarantee yourself a profit, or cut your losses.

Why wait untill the game playout ?  you have been waiting all this while how much can u sincerely say you have won?

I am a living witness when it come to one game cutting my tickets.
I can remember vividly how the match i trusted so much,  for the outcome to come out as i predicted.

The potential winning of that game was #1000000 and Juventus was playing a relegation threatening team and Juventus was in great form to draw such a match at home , i had about #450000 to cashout,  smile to the bank and i ignore it and was waiting for the last game to playout so i can scoop a whooping sum of  #1000000. To my surprise Juv draw that game and i was left with nothing , i almost ran mad . This is just one among several many tickets.
I have lost huge sum of money before now for not applying the cashout  
option offers by lots of online betting websites in Nigeria .
Just few weeks ago i decided to start accumulating lots of possible games and stay close to my laptop and monitor the matches as it goes once i notice any game that is going to playout ie cut the game i immediately apply the cashout secret and in doing that i have made lots of cash than always losing.

Don’t wait for games to spoil your tickets always cashout.

Take a lookout at this bet9ja ticket that i applied cashout recently

Betslip ID B931WZTTAPSSE-3171945 and
Betslip ID B948WZTTASTPA-3171945.

the only disadvantage of this is that , it required you to stay glue to your laptop or Android phone often to stay in touch with the outcomes of the game and no when to cashout when necessary.

Top Sport Betting Sites In Nigeria That Offers Cashout System/Options


Pre-game Cash Out

Bet9ja Cash Out gives you the ability to collect your winnings before all the games in your multiple bets have been settled. Your multiple bet looks set to come through with one game to go, and then you hear one of the star players is injured in the team you picked to win. Not to worry, just use Bet9ja’s Cash Out feature before the game and relax with your win.

How can I Cash Out?

In-store Cash Out

You simply hand in the ticket that you want to Cash Out to the cashier, and the cashier will pay you the money that you are owed. This can be done Live or Pre-game.
Online Cash Out
Simply login to your account and select “My Bets”. Those with the “Cash Out icon can be cashed out immediately. 

Described as “revolutionary”, sports betting operator 1960Bet is set to launch a full and partial Cash Out function in the Nigerian market.

Chief executive officer of 1960Bet, Dotun Adegbile, believes the function is a crucial product that the modern day bettor needs to have access to, “putting the decision-making power firmly in the hands of the punters and giving them the power to settle their bets before the games are ended”.

1960Bet will make the function available for all sports and betting types, cutting across pre and live game wagers, with no qualifying odds conditions attached, the company said.
What this means is that if their bet is going well they can through Cash Out take their profit there and then. If things aren’t quite going according to their plan they can equally use Cash Out and limit their losses,” Ajegbile said.
“These Cash Out offers will be available for all sports and betting options types. Singles and accumulator bets are also eligible for Cash Out and it will be available online, on mobiles and customers can still Cash Out in-shop. Cash Out offers cut across Pre-Game and Live Games, with no qualifying odds conditions attached.

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2 Responses

  1. Akor D. Isaac says:

    I Bet The Multiples Game Of 16 Three Cut & One Is Voild With The Bonus Of #62,009,14. Can It Be Paid?

  2. naijabetworld says:

    no cashout only apply wen your game is still on play and non of the bet has been lost yet eg like you did bet on 16 game, won 10 and 2 on play and 4 yet to be played ones you check the outcome of the game you will get to see amount available for cashout ,

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