How To Register And Fund Your NairaBet Account With Your Bank Atm Card Online

STEP 1: Visit


Open the browser of your mobile phone or computer or tablet or any internet-enabled device you have and enter into the address bar. 

Or Click Here

If you’re using a computer, this is what the screen will look like:

If you’re visiting the website through your mobile device, you’ll have the option for choosing between “MOBILE (Full version)”, “MOBILE (Lite version)” and “COMPUTER Version”.

This is what the NairaBET homepage will look like on MOBILE (Full version):

While MOBILE (Lite version) gives you this display:

And if mobile is your choice, this is the page you will see (both full and lite versions are similar):

Step 2: Click “Register

To open an account on NairaBET, look for the “REGISTER” button on the top right hand corner of the webpage, as pointed and circled in red in the images above. Click this button and you’ll be taken to the next page where you fill your details into the registration form. Below are images to help:

If you’re using a computer, this is the page you will get:

And if mobile is your choice, this is the page you will see (both full and lite versions are similar):


Step 3: Fill in the Necessary Details

Ensure you fill each field as accurately as possible. Use usernames that you will easily remember and, of course, your password should be something that you won’t forget easily.

The other information that has to be accurate is the email address that you submit. Make sure it is one that you can easily access as NairaBET will be sending necessary information to you through that medium.

Step 4: Click on “Create Account”

When you’re done filling all the fields and attested to the fact that you’re over 18 and accept the “terms and conditions” and “privacy policy” (by clicking the box after the form fields), click on “Proceed” or “Create Account” (depending on your device).

If all fields are filled correctly your registration will be successful, and you will be taken to a page that looks like this:


NairaBET successful registration


Congratulations, you’re now a proud owner of a new and shiny NairaBET account – that’s what this page above means.

You will receive a confirmation email to that effect immediately — which is a personal note from our CEO, and a customer service personnel will also call you within 24 hours of registering to welcome you and give you every necessary information – and also assist you with any issues or inquiries you might have.


VIDEO: How To Fund Nairabet Online Account Using Your ATM Card

You can deposit fund into your nairabet online account if you want to play with your new mobile/ old mobile phones depending on your choice when your type in on your moblie phone or with your laptop.

NB: Accepted Cards are Interswitch Verve cards and Naira Master Cards.


Remember you must login to make deposit into your nairabet account. click here to register with them if you do not have online account.

* Deposit fees charge applies:


How To Make Payments with Interswitch Webpay:

If you use WebPay as your nairabet deposit option, they will apply a deposit fee of 1.5%. Maximum charge is N2,000. That means if you wish to credit your NairaBet account with 1,000Naira, your card would be charged 1,015.23 Naira only. If you do not want this charge, please contact an agent to credit you without charge.

* Reports of Unauthorized use of a third party’s ATM card would result in your account being suspended, and the funds including any wins may not be released to you.
* By using the Interswitch portal at, you agree to our terms and conditions.

How To Make Payments with Interswitch Webpay:

Step One: You should have either an Interswitch powered
debit card, Verve card or Naira Master Card.

Step Two: Click on the ‘Deposits‘ Link,at right top of your
browser  after you have login and then on the’Pay with
your card’ option.

Step Three: Enter the amount you want to fund your
account with and click on  next,accept and then confirm .


You’ll be directed to the payment gateway page.
Step Four: On the payment gateway,select your card type.
(leave every other option like Email and password,
just select your card type as seen below the email and
password option)

 Step Five: provide card details, pin and whatever
other information is required and click on pay.


Step SIX: Once you enter your card details and
 click on pay,a one time password will be 
send to your phone number call OTP enter it in the next 
page as seen below. 


Step seven: click on continue and You’ll be redirected
to a status page, where you can view the status
of your transaction.Step eight: If your transaction is successful,
your NairaBet account would be funded instantly,
and you can make use of the funds.If you have any challenges please contact Nairabet at


First Bet Bonus Promotions

Welcome to the season of pleasant surprises with Nairabet.

All you need to know to enjoy this pleasantness is to keep an eye out for announcements of the promotional window periods.

Announcements will be made via social media and broadcasts.

The promotional periods will be random at different times and on different days of the week.

Then login in your account and place a qualifying bet to be rewarded a promotional bonus of 100% of your stake.


  1. Based on First bets only during the window.
  2. Minimum bet requirement of 4 selection accumulator. Multiple / System bets are specifically excluded
  3. Minimum selection odds of 1.2 on Sports Betting.
  4. Award amount 100% of stake into the promotional Account
  5. Award to be used for Sports Betting only
  6. Award is not partially usable 
    Next bet placed after bonus is awarded will use the full promo balance provided stake of the bet is not higher than the promo balance. E.g. Promo Balance = 1 000, next bet 100, Promo Balance becomes 0 E.g. Promo Balance = 1 000, next bet 1000, Promo Balance become 0 E.g. Promo Balance = 1000, next bet 2000, Promo balance remains 1000, main balance is charged 2000
  7. Minimum award is 50 with maximum 50,000
  8. Award is valid until midnight of the next day from the day awarded.
  9. Other special offers do not apply to the bet placed using the award voucher.
  10. If you place a bet with ₦1,000 from your First bet bonus and win ₦6,000, the 1k will be deducted from your winning and only ₦5,000 will be credited to your main account.


The Monday Funding Madness is a promotion where Nairabet players are rewarded for depositing funds on Mondays into their Nairabet Online Account.

The reward is a FREE BET value amounting to 10% of the player’s first deposit of the day between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm on Mondays.

The maximum award value is ₦50,000

The FREE BET value:

  1. is valid for a period of 3 days from being issued
  2. is valid for Sports Betting
  3. is to be used in bets where the minimum odds per selection is 1.20
  4. The bonus awarded is not partially usable
  5. is deducted directly from the Promotional Balance of your account. Bets that do not meet the above requirements will be deducted from your Main Account Balance

Other Promotional offers are excluded from any bets taken using the FREE BET value

Winnings from bets placed using FREE BET value are credited to player’s main accounts less the value of the FREE BET stake

This offer is available to new and existing customers

Deposits from Betting Shops and C2C transactions are specifically excluded from the offer

The promotion will be valid untill 26th of August, 2019.

Nairabet Goalless Draw Money Back

Get your full stake back everytime a match ends in a goalless draw. 


Place a pre-match single bet on 1 X 2 on any English Premier League match and every time the game ends with a goalless (0-0) score line, Nairabet will refund your stake in full.
If your prediction is either home or away team to win and the match ends in a goalless draw, we will return your stake. However, if your prediction is straight draw, you will get the prize for the won bet.
Please note that the stake refund only applies to English Premier League pre-match bets that ends goalless (0-0) draw.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The offer is valid for all existing customers on Nairabet
  2. The Get Your Stake Back promotion is available only for pre-match bet on the 1X2 markets on any English Premier League games
  3. This offer applies to single bets only.
  4. We will credit your account within 24 hours after the end of the game that is availble for a stake refund
  5. The maximum benefit from this offer is One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000)
  6. Where any term of the offer or promotion is breached or there is any existence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers, which dues to a deposit bonus, enhanced payments, free bets, risk free bets or any other promotional offer results in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, Nairabet reserves the right to reclaim the bonus element of such offer and in their absolute discretion either settle bets at the correct odds, void the free and risk free bets or void any bet funded by the deposit bonus.
  7. Nairabet reserves the right to ammend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion
  8. The offer remians valid and is subject to the Terms and Conditions, as those were accepted during the offer’s activaiton

One Game Cut Your Ticket?

NairaBET rewards punters who were unlucky because one game spoilt their ticket. Imagine playing a bet of 15 games with N100 and you wanted to win N200,000 and one game spoils that ticket. It is usually very painful. Other bookies will just keep your money.

At NairaBET, we will pay you a part of that N200,000.00 winning. Some other bookies will return the amount you used to stake which is just a hundred Naira (N100).


  1. Only accumulators of 10 games and above qualify for this reward
  2. Each bet on the ticket must have a minimum odds of 1.2. If there is any game less than odds of 1.2 on the ticket, the ticket will not be eligible for reward.
  3. Adding any game of less than 1.2 on the ticket disqualifies it even if there are other 10 games with minimum of 1.2.
  4. Imagine you placed a 10 game accumulator with N100 and your expected returns was N250,000 and your accumulator bonus was N50,000 making N300,000. If a game of 1.5 odd spoils your bet, this is how we will calculate it.
    • You were expecting N300,000 in total. We will take out the bonus of N50,000 which gives us N250,000.
    • We will take out the 1.5 game that spoilt the ticket. N250,000 divided by 1.5 is N166,666, We will divide the result (166,666.66) by 10 and subtract the unit stake (Unit stake is the amount placed on a bet slip divided by the number of games selected on that bet slip) from the result (16,666.66 – 10). The result (16,656.66) is the compensation we will credit into your account.
    • You placed an accumulator with N100 but lost it because a game spoilt it but we pay you N16,565.66 for a bet you lost.

Click Here For More Information


For the first time in sports betting in Africa, you can now edit your accumulator bets even after you’ve placed and submitted the bets.

Yes, for real. Maybe you realized that you made a mistake in your accumulation or you simply changed your mind about a game or two, you now have the chance to edit the bet/betslip.

For example…let’s say you chose Barcelona to win as part of your bet and you hear later that Messi and Suarez wouldn’t be playing, you can now totally remove the Barcelona bet or simply replace it with another game.

But…Here Are A Few General “Edit My Bet” Conditions:

  1. Bet Edit is available on all sports – you can edit your bet on any kind of sport.
  2. Only bets that have minimum of 5 games qualify. In fact, you won’t find a slip that has less than 5 games in the Bet Edit list.
  3. When you edit your bets, you can remove some games, as long as they are not reduced to less than 5 games.
  4. You can add more games to your bet.
  5. You can increase your stake but cannot reduce it.
  6. You can reduce your bets only once.

You’ll agree with us that this is some real game-changing feature (no pun intended). NairaBET is definitely the only sports betting company that gives tons and tons of features and opportunities to help you win more — not to chop your money more.

Customer To Customer Transfer

NairaBET “Epp Ya Padi” is a feature that allow customers to transfer fund from one NairaBET account to another. To use this feature, all you have to do is to input the receiver’s username and amount to transfer.


  1. Minimum transfer is 50.00 NGN.
  2. You can transfer a maximum of 1000.00 NGN per day.
  3. Your account must have been created more than 30 days ago and it must not be suspended.
  4. Enter the username to transfer the funds (Very important you review this).
  5. Your funds will be withdrawn from your account and deposit in the receiver account.

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