Nairabet Valentine’s Big Promo Offer

Valentine's Big Promo

For The Next 30 Days, NairaBET Will Give You An Extra 10% Bonus On Every Deposit You Make (Offer Valid From January 14 to February 14, 2017). EVERY SINGLE Time You Deposit Into Your NairaBET Account. 10% of your deposit will be credited into your bonus account up to a limit of =N=50,000.
For example, if you fund your NairaBET account with =N=10,000 you will get =N=1,000 credit as bonus.

If you fund your NairaBET account with =N=500,000, you will get =N=50,000 credit into your bonus account.
However, if you fund your NairaBET account with =N=600,000 or more, you will get =N=50,000 credit only into your bonus account. The maximum bonus is =N=50,000. This offer expires on Valentine’s day.


This offer is available for EVERYONE.Your bonus is credited to your bonus account at the end of the working day. For example, if you fund your NairaBET account at 2pm, you will get your bonus at 12 midnight.This measure is put in place for security purposes.So if you fund your account, and you do not see your bonus immediately, DO NOT PANIC.The bonus will not be added to your main account balance. It will be in your bonus account balance.When you login to your NairaBet account, you will see you have two deposit account.One is the main account, where all your regular deposits goes, and the other is your bonus account balance. Both will be displayed for you to see when you login to your NairaBet account.To use the bonus, after selecting your games, you will see an option to choose to use out of your bonus balance. If you choose not to use it, you can use your main account balance to place the bet. When you win, all your winnings will be credited to the main account for you to withdraw. Your stake will be REMOVED from your winning. For example, if you use bonus of N1,000 to win =N=10,000 you will be credited with =N=9,000.

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