NairaStake Entertainment Agent Application

How to become Nairastake Agent

To owe An Online Account Register Here to Start Placing Bet Online With Your phone
You can become now own a shop under our brand and make daily profit by receiving bets and funding customer accounts. . We offer you the following:
  1. 10% discount on all fund transfers made to a customer.
  2. 80% of the profit made on bets.
  3. Fund accounts and place bets without depositing any money.
  4. Only remit funds to us after taking your profit.
You can alternatively choose to be a PIN reseller agent and make discounts of up to 10% on pin/voucher reselling. Voucher reselling categories are listed below:
Category Discount Given(%) Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit

Naira Bronze Agent 5.00% N10,000.00 N19,999.00

Naira Silver Agent 7.00% N20,000.00 N99,999.00

Naira Gold Agent 11.00% N100,000.00 N10,000,000.00

To apply as an agent, contact and supply the following details accurately:
[1]. NairaStake Entertainment username.
[2]. Your State.
[3]. Your City.
[4]. Your Contact E-mail address.
[5]. Your Contact Phone number.
[6]. Your Contact/Office Address.
[7]. Your proposed shop address (If applying for a Shop).
[8]. Your desired agent package (If applying to become an agent).
[9]. Your Bank account name.
[10]. Your Bank account number.
[11]. Name of your Bank.
[12]. Bank branch.

We would contact you shortly after your mail with further instructions after activating your account.

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