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  1. admin says:

    If you use Internet, chances are you have over a dozen logins and passwords. Couple for e-mails, few more for online shops, one or two for a newspaper or a magazine subscription, bank accounts and so forth. Plus, there are web forms, shipping and billing addresses, credit card numbers and much, much more. Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master is a simple software application that provides an easy way to manage and protect this information. And you can recover and restore ANY lost or forgotten password ever entered in Internet Explorer.

    Lost and forgotten passwords are a familiar issue to most Internet users. That’s why Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master displays Site, Form, and Content Advisor passwords as well as Autocomplete data strings. More importantly, the software provides a simple solution for removing or transferring this information. This comes in very handy when you get another computer or move to another workstation and do not want to spend hours to manually restore your passwords, nor want the person who gets your old computer access your private data. With Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master you can delete all passwords at once, as well as transfer them to a new system.

  2. joseph nathaniel says:

    I have played money to the bank over 3 days trying to send the details to your site but I can’t find the deposits page, trying to contact the customer c
    are nt going

  3. admin says:

    Sorry about that bro , just send me the details including your username I can help you resovle that in a moment

  4. Oni E. I says:

    Pls sir/ma, I need your help. I withdraw #1300 from my surebet account since 06/02/17 up till now the money has not enter my bank account. My users name is ise4real and the transaction reference number is 0000375565. Thanks

  5. Paul says:

    not sure but the best soccer prediction tips are on nigerian site soccervista

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